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1 Bligh Street

"For DEXUS and CBUS, having a floor in a brand new building with a short term leasing profile was not ideal. Taking a gamble on fitting out the whole floor with small tenancies for short term tenants was something they considered very carefully. After a series of pitches from multiple design firms, they decided on the design and delivery solution presented to them by Valmont, as it was not only unique and visually appealing but their pitch demonstrated how much they understood the tenancy market and their needs at the time.'


1 Bligh Street display suite floors were pioneering.

The display suite floors that were created and built were unique at the time as no A-grade building had ever executed such a strategy to overcome a short term lease situation. 

The success of these suites was crucial as the strategy was high risk, however the partnership and collaboration between Sergio + Jacqui, Dexus and the leasing teams ensured the immediate success of the project, through all suites being leased prior to completion of construction.  

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