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Gravity Coworking 

"Gravity was born out of the need for a high end, professional coworking space for entrepreneurs and established small businesses. An avant guarde approach to coworking at the time, it became one of the top 5 coworking spaces on the east coast, with a member network of more than 700 people, a vast array of corporate partners and extensive events calendar for both members and friends of Gravity."



Gravity was the first to offer high-end coworking in Australian CBD locations.

Created in 2014 by Sergio and Jacqui, Gravity filled a gap in the market for professional services coworking, located in CBD's of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


The premium, open plan coworking spaces were successfully filled within weeks of each space opening. A unique offering at the time, 

three spaces were opened and successfully operated until We Work purchased the business in 2018.

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