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King Street Studios

"Revamping and breathing new life into the existing flexible workspace solution left behind by WeWork, was the best solution for the landlord and the existing tenants at 66 King Street.  "



King Street Studios takes privacy in a flexible solution to a new level.

When WeWork announced they were vacating 66 King Street halfway through their lease, Boutique Concepts were brought on board swiftly to manage the handover. With several pressing priorities, the team worked quickly to set up a new business for the landlord, resign sitting tenants, revamp the vacant floors and common spaces and have the property ready to market, in record time. 

Developing the new brand, concept, marketing packages and setting up new operations and a new on site team, have set the bar high for existing and new corporate members of this unique space. 

Flexible Workspace

Dedicated on site team

Landlord owned

Boutique Concepts operated

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