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Dina Broadhurst Bespoke Artwork


Every project is different and requires a unique approach.

We tailor a solution to your needs, which can consist of some or all of our services.

We have the experience to take your project from strategy and brainstorming, through the concept and planning phase, engaging in construction and delivery and then finishing with operational strategy and implementation. 

Talk to us so we can gauge what our best approach is for your project. 


We collaborate with our clients to develop flexible workspace and commercial property solutions. The concepts we can take from vision to completion include:


- Flexible workspaces as a new business entity

- Flexible workspaces as an amenity to your building  

- A business lounge or Third Space for your building


Our workspaces focus on providing a range of flexible meeting and office solutions to building tenants, while also enabling external clients with similar needs to access these spaces.


We can manage and oversee the operation of the sites including all of the below, or a tailored selection of the below:

- Naming, brand identity and marketing collateral 

- Sales, marketing and ongoing advertising

- Concierge team located on site

- Tenant or member management within the workspace

- Event management

- Site IT & software solutions  

​- Financials and reporting 


Design + project 

Seamless procurement and delivery are the hallmarks of a successful project. We pride ourselves in timely collaboration and communication with our in house designers and every external design team we work with.


Our team can manage the design process to ensure the essence of the business, brand identity and values of the workspace are projected in every aspect of the interior. 


Our clients can be assured they’re in entirely capable, experienced hands no matter the size of your project. We build strong relationships with key points of contact prior to a project commencing, and maintain those relationships at every stage of the delivery.

We offer all of the below services or a selection tailored to your project:

- Design management overseeing the concept and development of the space

- Cost planning 

- Value management 

- Procurement

- Head contractor management

- Programme management


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