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cirque by Centuria

"Centuria earmarked two properties to roll out their flexible workspace concept. The creation of cirque by Centuria has increased the amenity for existing tenants and created a real sense of community in each building."

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Cirque is the flagship amenity offering in Centuria's portfolio.

A roll out in Chatswood and South Brisbane properties owned by Centuria, as well as a national portfolio solution was conceived in 2023.


The flexible space solutions created are tailored to each individual property and the surrounding demographic. The solutions focus on market requirements and balancing income generation and amenity, depending on specific outcomes for each building.


The Boutique Concepts team were brought on board to manage the delivery of the spaces and now runs the day to day operations alongside the Centuria team. 

Building amenity 

and workspaces

Dedicated on site team

Landlord owned

Boutique Concepts managed

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