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Sergio Pires 


The entrepreneurial spirit lives in Sergio, demonstrated through the businesses he has created, expanded and sold throughout his career in construction and property. 

Sergio's foray into the commercial property industry was during his studies, completing his Bachelor of Building in Construction Management whilst working as a project assistant at Built. Cutting his teeth on a variety of refurbishment and fitout projects, his network of clients and asset owners expanded rapidly. 

It was through this experience he saw a niche in the market that was unfilled - the combination of construction delivery services alongside premium design services. Starting design and construction management company Valmont, with colleague Marcel Zalloua in 2004, saw the break through combination of services create waves in the Sydney property industry.

Changing the game became Valmont's mantra; offering tailored solutions to clients and asset owners that were beautifully designed as well as cost effective and seamlessly delivered, gave Valmont an unstoppable reputation in the market and saw the business expand successfully to Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. With 70 staff and more than 500,000m2 in commercial space solutions designed and delivered, Sergio is still a shareholder in the business. 

Understanding what's next in property is what Sergio excels at - amplified by the creation of coworking business Gravity in 2014 which grew to housing 700 members and 250 businesses in workspaces covering Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The rapid growth and unique business community created within Gravity's coworking spaces led global coworking giant We Work to purchase the business outright in 2018. 

Commercial nous, risk analysis and business know how what Sergio brings to the table of Boutique Concepts. 

Jacqui Pires


Design thinking and a knack for building a recognisable brand are just the beginning of the skills that Jacqui has acquired and honed over her years as an interior designer and creative director.

Whilst studying her Bachelor of Interior Design with a major in marketing, Jacqui took a junior position at interior design firm Reid Campbell Group. Working her way up to the position of interior designer, she practiced her client liason and design skills via projects including the Commonwealth Bank E3 Workplaces nationally and concept branch fitouts, Suncorp workspaces, Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Migration Review Tribunal.

Working with prominent construction teams including Built during her time there, serendipitously Jacqui was introduced to Sergio. Not long after this introduction, when Sergio started Valmont, Jacqui joined Sergio to establish the design arm of the business.

Leading a team of more than 30 designers across the country gave Jacqui a taste for building a business, creating a brand and developing a culture to support a business’ values. Pitching to clients and spreading the word on Valmont’s unique attributes is what Jacqui excelled at and what brought Valmont a high profile list of clients including iiNet, Time Warner, Pitcher Partners and Virgin to name a few.

Believing in the future of the sharing economy and a passion for beautiful yet functional workspaces and the power they have to uplift a business, led to Gravity Coworking being established. Jacqui played a pivotal role in designing the aspirational and unique workspaces, developing the brand language and marketing strategy for the business and overseeing the development of a cohesive community and event strategy for each location.

Comprehensive design and conceptual ability, marketing knowledge and business development skills are what Jacqui brings to the table of Boutique Concepts.

Adam Lodge

Adam Lodge_Pic2_edited.jpg

Adam is a flexible workspace strategy and operations specialist with extensive experience across Australia and the UK in developing and activating spaces, teams, communities and operations.


Having held senior leadership roles with a number of providers, Adam has an in-depth knowledge of offering flexible workspace solutions to occupiers, landlords and operators.


Adam has experience in all aspects of space planning and activation, from site feasibility, business case planning, sales strategy, operational team planning and hiring through to hand-over and activation. He cemented his position in the Australian flexible workspace landscape as Sydney GM at Hub Australia and GM at Altitude Cowork, where he had strategic, financial and operational responsibility for building and growing both businesses.


Before moving to Australia, Adam spent nine years at London’s premium serviced office provider, London Executive Offices (rebranded Argyll), where he was part of the senior leadership team. He most recently assisted with the creation of Westfield Works, heading up the operations side of the business.

Nicholas Esdaile


With over 13 years of construction delivery experience across a variety of construction sectors including: Aged Care, medium density Residential, Commercial, Heritage, Education, Fitout and Refurbishment, Nicholas brings a unique level of knowledge and experience to any team.

Nicholas also has extensive experience and working knowledge across an increasing number of specialist areas of Construction including: Communication Management, Project Management, Business Development, Dispute Resolution, Resource Management, Construction Programming & Scheduling and Contract Management & Administration.

Nic aims to achieve the collective milestones and expectations established with his clients and project team, whilst utilising the clear, simple and very effective management processes he has learnt and practiced over the course of his career.

- Communication
- Client & Stakeholder Management
- Value, Quality & Defect Management
- Project Management
- Contract Administration & Contract Negotiation
- Dispute Resolution
- Resource & Programme Management
- Construction Scheduling
- Cost Management & Reporting
- Variation Management & Assessment

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