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Works by Scentre Group

"Works is Scentre Group's answer to flexible workspaces. Located within their network of Westfield Living Centres, they will cater to everyone from individuals and start-ups to large organisations seeking a networked, decentralised office solution."

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Works has set the bar for flexible workspaces of the future.

Scentre Group enlisted the skills of Sergio Pires and Adam Lodge, to head the strategy and concept development of their first foray into flexible workspaces. From selections of sites and feasibility through to concept and design planning, Sergio and his team successfully opened the first Westfield Works site in 2021 and maintains the management of the site as well as development of further projects to be delivered in 2024 and beyond. 

The team assisted with the set up of the business, that is owned by the landlord and operated by Boutique Concepts as a going concern.

Flexible Workspace

Dedicated on site team

Landlord owned

Boutique Concepts operated

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